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Breed Description

     Landseer E.C.T. (European Continental Type)    - FCI Standart № 226/24.08.196

    The origin of the Landseer stems back to Germany and Switzerland. In Europe Landseer is considered as a separate breed and protected under number 226 of F.C.I. since 1960.

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     The Landseer should convey the impression of a tall, powerful and well balanced dog. The legs are comparatively longer than those of the Newfoundland - especially in the male. They have much sporty appearance. Elegant, harmonious, agile,  and in the same time hardy and strong dogs.
The main color of the coat is a clear white with distinct black patches on body and croup. Collar, forechest, belly, legs and tail is white. The head is black, with a white muzzle and a white symmetrical blaze.
Landseers are dogs with an outstanding temperamentwell-intentioned,  courageous, generous and extremely intelligent. They are calm, gentle, loyal and trustworthy with a sweet temperament. Dignified and prone to peacefull attitude. They are brave and very devoted to their owner. Very suitable and gentle with children. The giant Landseer loves to play and to be surrounded with kids.

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    Although Landseers are friendly and peaceful – these dogs are intelligent enough to act on their own when needed. Protective, but tends to place himself between the intruder and his family rather than bark or growl. Landseers can recognize a dangerous situation and will generally act if the family is threatened. Any dog, other animal, child, or visitor who has no evil intention will receive a friendly welcome. Some males may be aggressive with other males if the owners are not present to properly communicate to the dog that dominance is an unwanted behavior. Patient, playful, and loving with children. Very sociable dogs.
     Landseer e
njoys the outdoors, but also requires companionship. He more than everything loves water and swimming and is amazingly fast and strong in water.

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     Landseer drinks a lot of water and may be messy about it, as he loves to get wet.  Although puppies require a lot of food, an adult Landseer eats only about as much as a retriever.

     Will do okay in an apartment if sufficiently exercised. They are relatively inactive indoors and a house with a small yard is sufficient. They are sensitive to heat: provide them plenty of shade and cool water in warmer weather. These dogs prefer cool climates.

     This breed may be specific to train. These dogs are very sensitive to the tone of your voice. Training must be conducted in a calm, but firm, confident, consistent tone.  Remember Landseers are prone to training, because they love to work for their owners and the right and well balanced training manners will guarantee you a good and permanent results. This dog's huge body tends to move rather slowly. Take this into account during training.

     Height: Dogs  72-80 cm., Bitches 67-72 cm.
     Weight: Dogs 59-68 kg, Bitches 45-54kg

     Health Problems:

     Prone to hip dysplasia. Do not let a Landseer get fat. Puppies should be carefully bred. Much intention should be taken on the time of walking the very small dogs and climbing stairs for young ones. To avoid health problems always consult with your breeder.

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